Carestream Dental, Atlanta, announced that scans from the CS 3600 intraoral scanner are now accepted for use with Orchestrate Orthodontic Technologies, Rialto, Calif.

The CS 3600 features high-speed continuous scanning and an Intelligent Matching System that enables users to fill in any missing information in the data set. The CS 3600 includes three interchangeable tips—normal, side-oriented, and posterior.

Clinicians can choose to send the open STL files to Orchestrate for treatment planning and 3D printing; plan the treatment and have Orchestrate 3D print models for aligners or other appliances; or plan and 3D print the case completely in-office.

“There is no question that 3D printing is rapidly changing the field of orthodontics.” said Todd Ehrler, DDS, founder, Orchestrate Orthodontic Technologies. “The Orchestrate 3D treatment planning software and 3D printing solutions provide the practitioner with turn-key solutions to in-source aligner therapy and other orthodontic appliances. Our host of products, services and comprehensive training allow the practice to quickly integrate orthodontic-specific 3D printing technology and software.”