White Smile Global Inc, Miami, offers White Smile Complete™ Oral Foam featuring Dual Oxygen-Infused Technology™. The at-home, foaming teeth-whitening product uses patent-pending White Smile Complete™ Dual Oxygen-Infused Technology™ and requires no trays and no strips. The two-part, foaming whitening system includes both a cleaning foam and a whitening foam (made from an all-natural formula without hydrogen peroxide) that users brush onto their teeth twice daily instead of toothpaste.

The system was designed for both stain removal and whitening. Its detergent-containing cleaning formula removes stains before the whitening foam whitens the dental enamel. According to the company, the fact that the foam is infused with oxygen lets it penetrate much faster than pastes or gels.

The two-part kit contains one 50-mL bottle of the deep cleaning foam and one 50-mL bottle of the peroxide-free whitening foam.