The new Bendistal pliers allow orthodontists to cinch back superelastic wires without burning the distal ends, and also bend and activate "unbendable" NiTi wires. The pliers’ tiny tips allow them to fit between brackets to place permanent V-bends on those wires, activating them intraorally.

In addition to placing up-down and in-out steps extraorally, users can place intrusive or extrusive V-bends on these wires intraorally. A simple squeeze of NiTi wires employs these wires to deliver unfading light forces until a targeted group of teeth are actually intruded. The pliers are designed to help correct challenging orthodontic problems such as deep overbites, crossbites, and Class III malocclusions, as well as expanding dental arches and tipping back molars.

The pliers come in sets of two, each featuring a long and thin design to reach behind molar tubes and allow orthodontists to cinch back and activate wires in all four mouth quadrants.

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