Every week, Orthodontic Products presents readers with new, ever-advancing products, but how many orthodontists actually use anything beyond basic brackets and wires in their practices? To find out, we have launched a series of reader surveys that will continue throughout the year.

The goal of our second survey was to discover if and how our readers use digital intraoral scanners. To gather our data, we sent an e-mail survey to our subscribers, with the incentive of a $50 gift card for filling it out. We received a total of 167 responses, although not all respondents answered all of the questions (and some questions allowed for more than one answer).

All in all, the results of this survey suggest that digital intraoral scanning is a technology near the beginning of its life cycle. A minority of our readers have adopted it, and those who have tend to use it only on brand-specific cases.

To see the charts detailing our readers’ answers to this survey, click here.