ormco_aliasbracketOrmco Corp, Orange, Calif, has made its Alias™ Lingual Bracket System available commercially. A straight wire, passive self-ligating, square-slot lingual bracket, the Alias Lingual Bracket System will debut at the upcoming AAO Annual Session in Orlando, Fla.

According to the company, this system, developed in conjunction with product inventors Drs Kyoto Takemoto and Giuseppe Scuzzo, “utilizes passive self-ligation and light forces, provides excellent torque and rotational control, and facilitates easy, fast, and comfortable wire changes.” It is designed for lingual users and incorporates indirect bonding setups provided by AOA Lab.

The Alias Lingual Bracket System features a .018 vertical square slot to keep the archwire properly engaged and to allow for more precise treatment and greater rotational and torque control. In addition, the system’s gingival offset positioning and straight wire mechanics allow Alias brackets to be positioned closer to the lingual tooth surface. This bonding approach, according to the company, can minimize premature occlusal contacts between the maxillary anterior brackets and mandibular anterior teeth.