Scientific Compliance

Scientific Compliance, Atlanta, offers its Smart Retainer, which features a miniature microsensor that is embedded in the retainer. The Smart Retainer comes with proprietary software and a reader that displays precise retainer use on any PC. When the patient returns to the orthodontist, the retainer is placed on a special reader. The reader uploads the retainer-use data and provides an accurate record on the computer, which allows the orthodontist to make the best recommendation for retainer wear.


G&H Wire Co

G&H Wire Co, Franklin, Ind, offers its everStick® ORTHO, which is comprised of hundreds of long glass fiber strands that are bound together with a preimpregnated light-cured adhesive to allow adaptation directly into the patient’s mouth. The integrated fiber bundle is malleable and tacky for close adaptation and positive retention prior to curing. everStick ORTHO can be positioned in the most ideal location possible to minimize occlusal interference, yet ensure stability and longevity. everStick ORTHO can be used for lingual upper and lower retention, diastema retention, posterior anchorage, intermaxillary tooth movement, and extraction site maintenance. It is compatible with all BisGMA light-cured adhesives.

(800) 526-1026

Dentaurum USA

Dentaurum USA, Newtown, Pa, offers its Titanium Direct Bond Lingual Retainer, a low-profile, anatomically shaped titanium lingual retainer that bonds directly to the lower cuspids. The Titanium Direct Bond Lingual Retainer is available in five custom lengths that conform to the tranverse distance from 3-3 on the lower arch. The titanium retainer has single-piece, laser-etched bonding pads to provide bond retention that is tested and proven to be twice as strong as the bond retention provided by a mesh-based bonding pad, according to the company.

(800) 523-3946

Henry Schein Dental

Henry Schein Dental, Melville, NY, offers an all-purpose, stainless steel retainer wire, which can be used to fabricate retainers and to strengthen other dental appliances. The wire is 14 inches long and is available in packs of 10, and the company offers a discount if you purchase five packages or more.

(800) 372-4346

Specialty Appliances

Specialty Appliances, Cumming, Ga, introduces its Fixed Lingual Retainers (FLR), which can be made for upper, lower, or both arches. The FLR uses a wire that is contoured to the lingual of the anterior teeth and is secured by pads bonded to the teeth. FLRs are available with composite or metal mesh pads, and are delivered using Specialty Appliances’ “2-tray” indirect bonding technique. FLRs are ideally placed during the same appointment that the braces are removed to reduce the chances of undesirable tooth movement.

(800) 522-4636


Masel, Bristol, Pa, introduces its Ultracryl II™ acrylic product to make strong, fun, and flashy retainers for patients. Ultracryl II does not break, scar, or scuff easily, according to the company. Ultracryl II is a cadmium-free, extrafine acrylic that allows controlled placement of the powder for a stackable, nonslumping buildup. The liquid is clear, with no haziness or opacity. It also is available in transparent pink. Colorful enhancements may be added with Masel’s Electrik Neon and Glow Ultracryl Powder, Electrik Glitter Additive, and Electrik Color Concentrate.

(800) 423-8227

Raintree Essix

Raintree Essix, Metairie, La, offers its Essix ACE® plastic. The plastic is clear and may be used for retention with nonbruxers. With an average life of 18 to 24 months, Essix ACE may be used as an Essix Retainer and for Minor Tooth Movement. Essix ACE is latex-free and accepts acrylics and bonding agents. It is available in three thicknesses: 0.030 inches, 0.035 inches, and 0.040 inches. ACE comes in four sizes: 5-inch squares, 125-mm squares, 125-mm circles, and 120-mm circles.


Johns Dental

Johns Dental, Terre Haute, Ind, offers its 3-Day Hawley retainer service. All you have to do is mark “3-day Hawley” on your prescription and send it in with your case. Please allow for additional days in transit. Quick shipment methods also are available for an additional cost.

(800) 457-0504

Myofunctional Research Co

Myofunctional Research Co, Coral Springs, Fla, offers its T4A™ (Trainer for Alignment). The T4A can be used immediately after debanding and is flexible enough to adapt to slightly misaligned teeth. The T4A has a tongue tag to retrain the tongue and a tongue guard to stop tongue thrusting. It treats the tongue habit while maintaining the correct Class I relationship. The T4A is a flexible retainer and can be used to realign the anterior teeth. It is made from a polyurethane material, does not break, and can withstand heavy bruxing without damage.

(866) 550-4696

DynaFlex Laboratory

DynaFlex Laboratory offers the QCM Clear Bow Retainer, a clear labial attachment guaranteed not to stain or discolor. The Clear Bow Retainer features an aesthetic plastic material that is contoured and adapted to the facial surfaces of the six anterior teeth, allowing complete contact for maximum retention and stability. The QCM retainer can be used in both the upper and lower arches.

(800) 489-4020


Ribbond introduces postorthodontic retainers made from the same Spectra® fibers used to make bulletproof vests. Ribbond’s bondable fiber reinforcement prevents fracture failures in composite resins. The retainers are easy to make, strong, aesthetic, and comfortable. Ribbond’s fibers have no memory and do not rebound or unravel during placement. Simply adapt the Ribbond into a thin layer on the teeth, cure, cover with a thin layer of composite, and cure again.

(800) 624-4554


Tru-Tain, Rochester, Minn, offers its DX Retainer and Splint Material, a blend of FDA-approved plastics that provide strength and wear-resistance. The material bonds with acrylic. It may be used for retainers, Minor Tooth Movement, and bite ramps. It is available in two thicknesses and in a variety of sizes and quantities.

(800) 843-0904

Space Maintainers Laboratory

Space Maintainers Laboratory, Chatsworth, Calif, introduces its Biomers® Clear Wire Retainers. The new clear wire alternative technology from Biomers allows orthodontists to replace the traditional wire retainer with a more aesthetic option.

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The corners are reinforced for additional strength and protection. The retainer boxes are available in packages of 10, 25, or 50, and come in pastel and fluorescent colors. The Kilobyte retainer boxes are made of durable polypropylene. The box is 23/4 inches long x 23/16 inches wide x 1 inch high. Megabyte retainer boxes have a rugged design and may be used for storing both mouthguards and retainers. They feature ventilation holes and permanent, premolded identification labels. The boxes are 3 inches wide x 23/8 inches long x 1 inch high. The taller Gigabyte retainer boxes may also be used to store oversized appliances. Gigabyte boxes are 23/4 inches wide x 2 inches long x 11/2 inches high.

(866) 641-2128

Accutech Orthodontic Lab

Accutech Orthodontic Lab’s Freedom-Lock appliance system can be integrated into multiple types of appliances. Itis a rigid and secure appliance that provides the clinical advantage of easy removal or reinsertion at any time during treatment. Its hinge mechanism on one side, combined with the custom designed “Flat” locking clasp on the opposite side, provides a snap-tight lock for insertion and easy release flexibility for removal. The Freedom-Lock RPE can be made with any type of screw that would be used for a traditional fixed RPE. It delivers expansion by pushing from the lingual and pulling from the buccal simultaneously. Bands can be cemented at the impression appointment. A larger screw can be added with no relapse or new bands. Sore spots can be relieved before they’re a problem.Once expansion is complete, the appliance is removed and bands stay in for continued treatment, yielding a reduction in chairtime and band usage. The pictured appliance represents typical results with a standard Freedom-Lock RPE.

(800) 734-7855

Inman Orthodontic Laboratories

Inman Orthodontic Laboratories, Coral Springs, Fla, introduces its Inman Aligner “White” bow, which virtually hides a labial wire within labial acrylic. The lab has also developed the Inman Aligner with a “Clear” wireless labial bow and the Invisible Inman Aligner, providing the benefits of the Inman Aligner without a metal wire. The Inman Aligner uses nickel titanium coil springs to create steady, gentle forces. It features a lingual component that creates a piston-like action and labial components that reverse the same action, enhancing typical spring aligner design.

(800) 289-0118

Ortho Organizers

Ortho Organizers introduces its Direct Bond Lingual Retainer Wire. Formed from three tightly wound stainless-steel filaments, the 0.032-inch wire does not unravel when cut, and the surface contours of the spiral can be bonded directly to the teeth without the need for bonding pads or end loops. The twist in the wire facilitates long-term stability with physiological tooth movement. It can be cut to any length desired, then bonded with composite resin at each end or to any combination of teeth. The wires are available in 7-inch lengths, in packs of 20.

1822 Aston Ave, Carlsbad, CA 92008-7306
(800) 547-2000

Great Lakes Orthodontics

Great Lakes Orthodontics, Tonawanda, NY, offers its Astics™ retainer. The Astics retainer features a patented translucent labial polymer bow instead of a traditional metal wire. The translucent polymer bow can be used in either a Wrap Around retainer or a retainer attached to an Adams clasp. The Astics retainer is resilient and fatigue-resistant and maintains its shape better than a metal wire, according to the company. The polymer wire can be formed to closely fit labial surfaces and does not harm restorations.

(800) 828-7626